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There are individuals who raise horses because they are inclined to sports, they have farms or other animals, and for entertainment purposes as well. As owners, they are trying their best to maintain the good health or physical condition of these animals by feeding them well, giving them the right supplements, and providing them the care that they need. In fact, you will treat them like family members or friends because these animals are trained and know how to listen that’s why they take care of you when riding them.

We need to make sure that experts must come, like Trinity Consultants, and visit regularly because these animals also suffer from various health problems. These animals may look really tough and strong because they kick truly hard, but you will notice that their mood also changes when experiencing pains. Because of such concerns they may look sad, not active, and don’t make the usual sounds. These behaviors are sometimes alarming so it is still best to have a vet for regular checkups.

These doctors will be able to prescribe horse health products after the consultation and keep in mind that every animal you raise is different so the veterinarian will give them medicinal supplements that are specifically meant for one’s condition. Let’s say that are treated fairly but they need medical attention, which may differ from the others, especially when they have age gaps and different activities. For example, one is for racing, while the other one is just for walking, so this will make them experience different problems in the future.

Do old horses suffer from arthritis?

Indeed, human beings start to experience arthritis when they reach a certain age, which could even be earlier than 40’s depending on their daily routines. It is common for adults and elders to be in such conditions, so pain relievers, herbs, or other supplements are taken regularly to ease the pain.

The same is true for these animals because they are also experiencing a Degenerative Joint Disease or osteoarthritis which affects their movements that’s why they look stiff. When this occurs, there is a tendency for the joints to swell so there is an enlargement on the affected part.

This is quite serious because this animal may not be able to do his usual routines and as owners, you need to help him feel better because arthritis has no cure. Fortunately, you may help him feel more comfortable by adjusting his food intake so seek an expert’s advice regarding his dietary supplement because he needs to lose weight when he weighs too much. Aside from that, give him ample time when it comes to warm-ups and avoid riding him on hard surfaces.

Is Laminitis serious?

Honestly, laminitis is one of the serious illnesses that your horse may experience. This is a condition where changes in the structure of the hoof occur and it happens to be painful. The inflammation makes it more uncomfortable for the animals since they are often in a standing state.

If they have laminitis, you will notice a few symptoms like when the heart rate increased, reluctant movement, heels rocking, and prolonged hot hooves. Actually, you can prevent these from happening by investing in their performance boots because this will help in reducing pain as well as stress.

Of course, do not forget that the horse must be checked and monitored regularly because the experts need to give him a program of routines and supplements to keep him in a healthy diet. This is important for the limbs to be in good condition.

Do they need dental checkups?

If you will notice, horses eat feed constantly that’s why many of them have uneven teeth. Now, if a vet will not check this, then they may also have bad breath. Of course, when dental hygiene is poor, the bad odor comes from the mouth and they may also have toothaches or other tooth-related issues.

When this happens, they will start to show abnormal behaviors because they are bothered. So, it is a must to see the doctor who will file down the teeth in a regular routine. The young ones must be checked at least twice a year, while after 5 years at least once a year or more.

Keep in mind that such conditions must not be ignored. Failure to do the usual oral or dental examinations will lead to more problems that may affect the health and wellness of the creatures.

When do they undergo surgical procedures?

Unfortunately, some horses may undergo a certain surgical procedure when they happen to have a grave illness, such as obstructive or gas colic where pains on the abdomen may be severe. This is not a decease but it may end one’s life when untreated. It may occur at any age, male, female, and breed.

To prevent this from happening, you should seek an expert’s advice about health supplements and his digestive system must be monitored as soon as the problem is observed. The occurrence may be minimized by giving the required amount of food and clean water.

Why do they suffer from backaches?

Wrong moves make them experience backaches, especially when they often join competitions or sports events. Such issues are developed over time so you will notice that their performance is changing due to the pains on the muscles, bones, or tendons. I believe that this is something that you won’t like to happen.

This means that the horse needs ample rest, too. And then, you need to ask a vet to inspect him more often so that he can give the right pain reliever. When it is in a serious condition, the doctor may inject a formula or you may also let him have massage therapy.

Since he will be joining competitions, he must be physically fit and not in pain. You should also know that he must not use an ill-fitted saddle because this will scar his skin and sore his back more. So, try using a saddle liner to minimize back pain issues.

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