We have exciting news to share with you! On September 15, 2017, the ownership of Hansen Dam Equestrian Center changed, with Langer Equestrian Group assuming 60% ownership and Sterling Champ retaining 40% ownership.

Management and operation of the facility is also changing, with Larry Langer assuming the reins as the new Managing Director of HDEC. Larry brings with him more than forty years as the President and CEO of Langer Equestrian Group (LEG). Many know him primarily as a successful horse show manager, but others know of his experience over the years running half a dozen boarding, training, horse show, and equestrian center facilities from New York to California. HDEC is his latest foray into a facility, and hopefully his greatest! Larry will be on site most days of the week, and if you don’t come across him tooling around the grounds in his green golf cart with his trusty dog Auggie by his side, then stop by the Hansen Dam main office to visit with him there. You can also reach him by phone and email.

Ashley Keeler, who joined the LEG Group earlier this year, is focusing her time as Larry’s Assistant Director at HDEC. Ashley has a depth of experience as a top hunter rider, trainer, barn owner, and as key horse show staff. She has ridden horses to top honors as USEF Horse of the Year, Zone HOTY Championships, and been champion or reserve at such shows as the Kentucky National, Washington International, Harrisburg, HITS, Colorado Horse Park, and many others.

Speaking of the HDEC Main Office, it is now open Tuesday through Sunday. On the weekdays the hours are 8:30 – 4:30 and on the weekends from 8:30 – 12:30. Currently Maggie is in the office and can field questions and get them to the appropriate people. Ashley will be in the office most days as well. Vernell is focusing her efforts on booking and coordination for events, shows, and parties, both small and large. Luis Flores remains as the facility manager, and he oversees the stall cleaners, maintenance, arena preparation, and activities related to the physical plant. And everyone has email, including Luis!




A personal message from Larry: Just like me, you probably can make lists of things you would like to see changed, improved, or added to at HDEC. I would like to make all of it happen immediately, but realistically, these things will take time and money. However, I can assure you that I welcome your thoughts and suggestions and will share more specific plans in future letters. My first goals are to do a lot of analysis and observation, along with implementing some consistent, clear systems and procedures. We will also be communicating with all of you on a regular basis. We now have a monthly newsletter, and there will be updates and information both at the Main Office and on the HDEC website. We are now holding regular monthly meetings for all the authorized HDEC trainers, and please look for periodic letters like these sent directly to you.

Thank you for keeping your horse or running your business at Hansen Dam Equestrian Center. Our personal horses live here also and Marnye and I treasure the place. We want to see HDEC regarded as a great place to ride and keep your horse, operate a training business, and attend shows. I look forward to meeting you, sharing ideas, and making HDEC a great place to horse around.

Larry Langer