The health benefits of winter sports

Winter sports have many health benefits. Let’s see what these are.

Winter is the favorite season of most users on NorskeAnmeldelser, as it is a beneficial season for improving both mental and physical health, although temperatures are much lower and the days, much shorter, aspects that make us be lethargic, inactive. But outdoor sports put all your muscles in motion.

There are a lot of options

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Rock climbing
  • Skating – We can include tobogganing here

Whether you choose to practice one of these sports or simply go for a walk, in the winter months it is very important to stay active. Don’t forget the matching equipment and clothes you find on Revir. Equipment is very important when it comes to famous winter sports.


The benefits of outdoor sports

Being outdoors is extremely beneficial for your overall health, even if you can’t enjoy the sun’s rays, just as it is in the hot season.

However, the fact that the sun’s rays shine from time to time in the sky will allow the supply of vitamin D, while the fresh mountain air can be beneficial for those suffering from allergies, asthma, or all sorts of difficulties. breathing due to pollution. In this regard, any winter exercise reduces the risk of suffering from heart disease or the risk of having a stroke.

If you are a cold person, the best remedy is a sports session. During a workout, your body temperature rises. In the cold season, the body concentrates its heating power towards the center of the body, to protect the vital organs. When we warm the body by moving and training the limbs, we send the blood to the extremities as well, so that we can avoid the sensation of cold hands and feet.

Also, sports help us get rid of extra pounds, for example:

  1. Snowboarding requires great flexibility and agility and burns 450-500 calories in an hour. Lowering the slope considerably increases the amount of adrenaline produced in the body.
  2. Pantinage, an hour of skating can burn us about 500 calories.
  3. Skiing is a real challenge for the cardiovascular system, which significantly improves its condition, and for maintaining the balance and flexibility of the body. Depending on the complexity of the approached skiing style, between 350-600 calories are burned in an hour.
  4. Tobogganing is one of the most popular and fun sports of childhood, we can get rid of about 450 calories by climbing frequently and descending quickly.
  5. By building a snowman we lose 250 calories, his Bulgarian snowball 350 calories and shoveling snow can save us 200 calories in half an hour.

The benefits of winter sports help the body a lot even if it is done differently not necessarily by skiing or other sports, and a hike in the mountains if the weather allows it helps the body a lot and prevents it from other possible diseases, and keeps it active and in shape.

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